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Whynotwin11 is a PC Compatibility Checker. WhyNotWin11 official tool provides you full detail about what your pc missing like TPM 2.0, ram, etc. Microsoft official app PC Health Checker not provide the full detail about why Windows 11 not running. It can only answer in yes & No format. So if you want to get full detail then you can download Whynotwin11 from the given below link.

whynotwin11 tool

Recently Microsoft Announced the next update of windows is called windows 11. But problem is that Windows 11 does not install on many Laptops and computers. Because it requires 2.0 TPM hardware which is the built-in machine. So many people are searching for the tool to check can my Pc supports windows 11, So why not win 11 is best for that because it provides full compatibility hardware details. Which is very Helpfull.

Download WhyNotWin11 Compbaility Checker:

You can download Why Notwin11 for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 From the given below link.


Why Microsoft Official App is Not Best:

After the announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft also released the PC Health Checker Tool for windows 10 Which can give the answer is yes or no it can not provide the full detail why Pc is not run windows 11. So that why the Whynotwin11 is the best tool than Microsoft Health check. So if you want to check your device run windows 11 then follow the given below instruction.

How to Use WhyNotWin11 Compatibility check tool:

  1. First, of Download Why Not Win 11 from the above link.
  2. Now install the whynotwin11 tool in your system.
  3. Now open the App Clicking “Run as Administrator”.
  4. Now Click on Yes tap Now the app start scanning your system.
  5. Less than 1 minute will provide you full detail if your Pc runs Windows 11 operating system or Not.
  6. If Tool Show Ok green Signal then your system is eligible to install Windows 11, if it shows a red cross mark then your windows not eligible to install the windows 11 operating system.
  7. With this tool, you can solve your windows 11 not installed problem by solving all errors.

WhyNotwin11 Compatibility Checker Tool Features:

  • Why Not Win 11 is Graphical User Interface.
  • WhyNot Win11 Provide full Hardware detail to your Pc like Ram, TPM, Graphics, etc.
  • WhyNotWindows 11 is to Scan your Pc less than a Minute.
  • It will provide color-coded results which are very helpful.

So if you have any problem regarding installing windows 11 or by using the whynotwin11 Pc health check tool then contact us I will try to help you as soon as possible. If you like our artcile Why not win 11 TPM checker tool then shareit with your friends. I hope Your friends Will also like our article.


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