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Can you imagine a day without your smartphone? Of course, not!
As published in The Hindu, with 220 million smartphone users, India has become the world’s second-biggest smartphone market.

Now, imagine the number of mobile apps used by these 220 million smartphone users. Huge? Yes. Smartphones are simply awesome!

But, what makes them really awesome are mobile applications. Therefore, smartphones can’t take all credits and appreciation for making your life easier than ever.
Smartphones and mobile apps have become indispensable in our time, and you can’t deny it. They both have influenced our lives, whether it is our working style, education, communication, performing daily life activities, and what not.
If you want to expand the power of your smartphone, take a glance at the following Indian apps (in no particular order) without which life would become difficult to manage. You can also checkout PUBG Lite PC for Windows Operating system.

Top 5 Best Must Have Apps


UrbanClap is a brilliant Indian app making everything a bit more accessible. It is a one-stop destination for almost all urban lifestyle services. You can avail any service in just a matter of few taps. With the help of UrbanClap app you can hire professionals to get things done at your convenience. See what sort of services it offers:
• Professional services – It includes photographer, makeup expert, birthday planner, interior designer, counselor, tax consultant, yoga instructor, guitar teacher, and others.
• Home services – It includes carpenter, plumber, electrician, and others.
You can hire these professionals right from your smartphone with easy payment options. Your entire search for the reliable services may come to an end if you give this app a shot.


Helpchat – your all in one app! Yes, you heard it right! You may ask, how? With the help of Helpchat you can:
• Recharge prepaid mobiles, data cards, and DTH
• Pay bills for mobiles and electricity
• Get reminders for dues
• Track everything at one place
• Book cabs, taxis, and autos
• Order food from your favorite restaurants
• Get movie offers, hotel deals, grocery deals, flight deals, bus deals
• Get live updates for cricket and football matches
• Get viral social media stories
• Read the latest news from India and the world

The idea of an app comprising the features of multiple apps in one, was put forward by Ankur Singla, Founder & Helpchat CEO. No doubt Helpchat is more than a mobile app. It is a complete app or you can say an all in one app that doesn’t let you miss a single beat when it comes to staying updated. Additionally, it allows you to perform various things from a single interface in just a matter of a few taps.


In India, paying bills is nothing short of a nightmare. It means taking a full day leave, stand in a queue until your turn comes, and finally, see a closed sign at the window due to lunch hours. MobiKwik has emerged as an ultimate solution that turned this worst experience into a pleasing one. Let’s take a glance at what it does:
• It lets you recharge prepaid mobiles, data cards, DTH.
• It allows you pay bills for mobiles, electricity, cooking gas.
• It lets you pay insurance premiums.
• It allows you transfer funds online.
• It gives exciting offers and cashback for transactions you do through this app.
• On MobiKwik, you can shop and book tickets for buses & trains.
And more! Paying bills right from your mobile device is a big relief. No wonder why this Indian app has touched the nerves of millions.


Quickr is another wonder-creation. It is basically a local classifieds shopping app that lets you buy, sell, rent, or find anything online. This app is a one-stop destination for your shopping needs as it allows you to buy and sell anything right from your smartphone at your convenience.
See what you can buy, sell, or rent through this app:
• Cars and bikes
• Mobiles and tablets
• Electronics and appliances (such as kitchen appliances, TVs, Cameras, Laptops, and others)
• Real estate (premium homes, apartments, and commercial properties)
• Lifestyle items like furniture for homes & offices, clothing, sports equipment, and fashion accessories

In addition to all these, you can also search for jobs (full-time and part-time) and services like drivers, cooks, maids, interior designers, and others. No doubt as to why Quickr is termed as a must-have Indian app.


In today’s fast-paced life, health is one of the most valuable assets that a person should take care of. 1mg is India’s most loved health app. See what it does:
• It makes you aware of the medicines and their substitutes along with their side-effects.
• It allows you to order medicines right from your mobile device with an option to attach a prescription from your mobile gallery.
• It lets you book lab tests through under different packages in just a few taps from your smartphone.
• It offers online consultation for allopathy, homeopathy, and Ayurveda.
• It allows you to book appointments and set pill reminders for medicines.
Other feature includes health-related articles that keep you informed about different health issues. Medical assistance was never that accessible before.

Over to you
You think you are making the most of your smartphone? True only if you have these wonders in your smartphone. These life-changing apps are bringing revolutions in our everyday lives. Let’s wait for the next life-changing and app and till then, why miss out on such worthy resources? Do you think we are missing out on anything? Drop your comments in the inbox with your favorite everyday app.


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