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Tons of Pokemon fans are waiting for the official release of Pokemon Go. However, if you are not lucky enough to get into the Closed Beta version, preparing yourself should be the only choice right now.

There are tons of information and tips about Pokemon Go at this time but it is such a daunting task If you read them all and try to find which is really important. Okay new guys, I am going to show you the most important tips, which should be enough for you to prepare before joining the Pokemon World.

Top 10 Tips for New Players

Ensure your device support Pokemon Go!

Firstly you should check your device whether it can run Pokemon Go or not. Can it connect to GPS and the Internet? Also, at this time, this game supports only Android and iOS devices. You can also Download Pubg Lite PC.

You will need to get a mobile data plan

Maybe you will be limited if you only use Wi-Fi to play Pokemon Go because it is not always available. Therefore I think you should a get mobile data plan to enjoy Pokemon Go experience fully. Pokemon Go is about traveling around the world to find and capture Pokemon. I am sure that you do not want to limit that dream, right?

Free up your storage space

The game takes up to about 50MB to start. Moreover following the release, there will be updates to download in next several months. Therefore you should free up about 200MB in your storage space for Pokemon Go. Most smartphone users need to have at least 200MB free so you should clear cache and remove unused apps if you do not have enough space.

Stretch your Data plan!

Many mobile users burn through their data plan quickly. Unless you are able to pay the overage fees or have an unlimited data plan, allocating data for Pokemon Go is pretty important.

Buy a Power Bank for your device

Based on multiple Beta Testers, Pokemon Go drains battery very fast. With a full charged phone you can play the game for only 3-4 hours, so you should keep it in the Power Saver Mode (can be found via the Settings in game) or turn off your screen while not using. Lots players are purchasing Power Banks to have more playing time. If you want to play more than three hours per day, you should be prepared now by buying a Power Bank for your device.

Learn about the basics of Pokemon Go

There are many sources of information about Pokemon Go have been released to the public. You can check out this Pokemon Go overview to make sure, it has information about Game development, Pokemon Go Plus, Battles, Items, Gyms and more

Learn how to evolve Pokemon

All 151 original Pokemon will appear in Pokemon Go. You should catch enough one species of Pokemon then you can Evolve them. To read more about this, I strongly recommend you take a look at this guide!

Choose a team!

In Pokemon Go, you can choose one of the three team: Team Instinct, Team Mystic and Team Team Valor. Each team will compete the others to take the control of Gyms. Gather your friends and decid which team you want to join in!

Hopefully this information was useful for you to prepare for Pokemon Go!


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