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Minecraft 1.17.30 APK is released for all platforms. a lot of Minecraft users are waiting for the next update So today Mojang Developer released the Latest Minecraft version for Android, iOS, and other devices. You can download Minecraft Bedrock edition from the given below link.

minecraft 1.17.30 apk

This MCPE latest update brings many changes and bug fixes to improve the player’s gaming experience in Minecraft. More Experimental Features from the upcoming 1.18 updates have also been added. You can check the full details about this version from the given below.

Download Minecraft APK:

You can Download Minecraft APK for Android from the given below link. This Apk work in many devices.


Minecraft 1.17.30 Bedrock update:

New Non-Experimental features of 1.17.30:

  • In this version “Respawn Blocks Explode”, has been added. Now Players can use it to prevent respawn anchors and beds from exploding.
  • Now in this Corner mode will only detect corner blocks with the same name as the structure being saved.

New Experimental features and changes:

  • In this Minecraft Update, Hostile mobs can now only spawn in places where it is completely dark. It does not work in the light.
  • In this New biome and terrain generation has been added. Now creates more natural terrains and better biome transitions.
  • Noodle cave generations were also added.
    The possibility of dry cave entrances generating naturally has been introduced.
  • The surface decoration is improved it will detect the difference between when blocks are generated under the water and underground.
  • In this, Naturally generated ore veins are larger now.
  • A new algorithm to find a suitable spawn point close to the origin has been added.

So if you have any problem regarding downloading this Minecraft Apk for android then contact us in the comments. old version are minecraft upcoming version are, etc. If you like our article then share it with your friends.


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