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Minecraft is the latest version of the Minecraft game. In this version, lots of new things are added and many bugs are removed. Every Minecraft player have a wait for the new version. So today the latest version of Minecraft Pe was released. the old version of MCPE is You can get it from given below link.


Minecraft is a sandbox survival game which is developed by the Mojang. This game was available for every platform like Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Playstation, and Xbox devices. In every version like Minecraft apk. You can play it on any platform for free. You know that Minecraft is a multiplayer game. You can play this game with your friends online. This game is available in Bedrock Edition which is also known as Pocket edition and Java edition which is for Windows and Mac. So you can check Minecraft description from given below.

Download Minecraft APK Free:

All you know that Minecraft is available for every Platform So today You can download MCPE from the given below link.


Caves & Cliffs:

  • In this update we can Improved visibility when swimming in underwater caves.
  • Introducing noise-based caved generation in latest update can enables caves of more varied sizes and shapes.
  • In this added local water levels to caves, allowing each cave to have its own water level.
  • we can also add mineshafts to fit into large caves. The mineshaft corridor is now attached to the ceiling via chains and to the floor via wood columns.


  • In MCPE apk fix a crash that could occur during gameplay
  • In MCPE fixed a crash that occur when curing a Zombie Villager in another side if the player .
  • In Minecraft fixed a crash that occurred when generating jungle biomes when the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle was enabled
  • In this Fix a crash error that could occur when switching between owned and non-owned Character Creator items
  • Fixed an issue with Character Creator items in mcpe not applying properly to characters.

So you can download MCPE from the above link. Some upcoming version of Minecraft is, MCPE, and, etc. If you have any problem regarding downloading Minecraft then contact us in the comments.


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