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Okay new trainers, in this post, I am going to show you the best tips Pokémon Go to get you started. Hopefully, after reading these tips, you will have a perfect basic knowledge to explore the Pokemon World.

Best Tips for Pokemon Go Beginners

Capture everything you can

“Catch ’em all” is the slogan of Pokemon, so it seems obvious that you should capture everything you can. Even catching duplicates is good as each time you catch a duplicate, you will get an associated evolution candy. Also, you always can transfer the unwanted Pokemon for the Professor for more candy. Candy can be used to increase your Pokemon CP, HP, and even their sizes.

Find Pokemon nearby

You can easily see all Pokemon nearby via the meter menu locating at the bottom right on your screen. After tapping on it, you can easily see the list as shown below. The footprints show how far you have to go to catch them. You can take a look at this guide for more details about catching Pokemon. Also, I have one tip for you here: Tap on a Pokemon in the list then put them in the corner, you can easily see whether you can get closer to them

Turn off the AR system

Most new players really love using this feature of Pokemon Go because it is really fund, but If you are finding that catching Pokemon is hard while using AR, it’s better to just turn it off. By turning it off, you can prevent them from moving around when you move your phone.

Don’t forget to hold your finger on the pokeball

When you are trying to catch a Pokemon, you should hold your finger on your Pokeball before throwing to see a small circle appearing on the Pokemon. The color of this circle indicates how hard it is to catch the Pokemon. Green is easiest and red it hardest.

The smaller the circle, the better the chance you can catch it, so, you should wait until it is smallest before throwing your Pokeball.

Spend your Candy and Stardust on a few Pokemon

Candy is used to upgrade Pokemon of the same type only. So be wise while picking your champion, especially at the starting. This determines how hard your next moves will be. Try to select a Pokemon which has plenty of duplication within your daily walking routes. This will allow to use stardust and candy after capturing duplicates, to power up your Pokemon much easier.

Avoid evolving your Pokemon too early

Everybody finds evolving tempting but you will find much better Pokemon in the future.

You can find Pokemon based on their habitats

For example, Water Pokemon usually live near rivers, lakes,…

Evolved Pokemon are more powerful than the wild ones

A Pokemon trained and evolved from the lowest to highest form is more powerful than a wild equivalent. So, yes, it’s totally worth it to catch and work on a low level Pokemon.

Don’t join Gyms to early

Putting your into Gyms doesn’t give you any favors.

You can hold it for your team but only until it is beaten. You can neither swap it out nor train it. So, yea, that’s why.

How to hit PokeStops faster

Once you have hit a PokeStop, simply hit the X button at the bottom on your screen to collect items. By doing this, you don’t have to burst bubble to grab items.

Train and Bus are the great ways to stuck up items in Pokemon Go

As Pokemon Go requires you to travel a lot, Public transports such as Bus or Train are excellent for stocking up items, such as Pokeballs. All you need to do is just to keep your phone open then star spinning PokeStops. By the time your train/pass passes a PokeStop, just hit the X button to collect all the items as shown in the tip above. Then go to the next one.

30 minutes every day should be enough to fill up your bag. You will always have enough Pokemon to capture every Pokemon you see. Unfortunately, this doesn’t count towards your walkingn distance so you will still

It doesn’t count towards your walking distance though; you’ll have to get out on the street to incubate those eggs.

Also, no matter If your bad is full, just visit them! You will get 50XP for each visit. Even this is a small amount of XP but it is extremely useful to level up your account at start.n

Do everything do save your battery life

Because Pokemon Go uses both Camera and GPS Signal while running, it definitely drains our battery badly. I strongly recommend you read these tips in order to extend Battery Life.

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Okay guys so above are top 11 tips I want to give you before exploring the real Pokemon world. If you have any question regarding to Pokemon, don’t hesitate to ask!


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