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How to Install Garena Free Fire PC?

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  • 3 You're all done! Enjoy playing PUBG Lite

FAQs about PUBG LITE PC Game

You can find a large number of questions about the PUBG LITE Game, along with their accurate answers below.


How do I create/delete my account?

You can create/delete your PUBG account by following steps below.

Steps to Create PUBG Lite Account:
1. Go to
2. Now click on Create My Account.
3. Now fill out your email address, password etc and click on Create My Account button.
4. Now log into your email to confirm your PUBG account.

You can sign up for PUBG account by after following steps above.In case, If you want to delete your PUBG account then you can do that by following steps below.

Steps to Delete PUBG account:
1. Login into your PUBG account and click ‘Setting’ [Logged in as **].
2. Now click on Delete Account after that click on Delete button.
3. Now re-enter your password to confirm deleting your account.

Your PUBG Lite Account deleted successfully.

Is PUBG LITE free of use?

YES, PUBG LITE is completely free to use on PC running on Microsoft Windows 10/8/7 and XP Operating system.

What is PUBG LITE?

PUBG Lite PC is a new free version of the PUBG PC game with scaled-down graphics designed to play on computers and laptops equipped with lower-end specs. In PUBG Lite, You will be air-dropped on a mysterious island with 100 other players from all around the World. Your task is to quickly find Guns and other weapons to kill your enemies. If you will be last person standing then you will be called as the winner.

PUBG Lite PC System Requirements
Minimum System Requirements
OSWindow 7,8,10, 64bit
CPUCore i3 2.4GHz
GPUIntel HD Graphics 4000

Recomended System Requirements
OSWindow 7,8,10, 64bit
CPUCore i5 2.8GHz
GPUNVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870


Choosing Weapons
1 : Main weapon
2 : Secondary weapon
3 : Pistol
4 : Melee weapon
5 : Bomb
Selecting Items
7 : Medical device
8 : First aid kit
9 : Bandage
0 : Energy drink
I : Open the handle window
How to Move
W : Go ahead.
A : Walk to the left.
D : Walk to the left.
S : Back.
Q : Tilt to the left.
E : Tilt to the right.
Other Force Buttons
C : Sit
X : Collect weapons.
Z : Squat.
F : Use / Keep.
V : Switch the view between FPP / TPP.
B : Change the shooting mode of the gun used.
M : Open the map.
CTRL Left  : Walk
left. Shift  : Run
SPACE : Jump / climb
Mouse Force
Left click button : Shoot the
button. Right click : Aim the
roller on the mouse : Change the weapon.
Move the mouse : Move the camera angle.

PUBG Lite is a lighter version of PUBG game for Computers and Laptops. Unlike PUBG, The PUBG Lite is completely free of cost. Currently, PUBG Lite is available in Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macau and Thailand. Officially, PUBG Lite Beta Test is not available in India but you can use VPN to play PUBG Lite in India and other unsupported countries. Currently, PUBG Lite is only Battle Royale game which can be played on PC with only 2GB of RAM. You can PUBG Lite Download for Windows Operating System by clicking PUBG PC Lite Download button above(Just Below Header). The PUBG Lite PC System Requirements are very less so you can play it even on old PC which only has 2GB of RAM and a dual-core processor. I recommend you to play PUBG Lite For PC without Emulator because PUBG Lite officially released for PC so does not require any kind of Android Emulators like Bluestacks App Player, Memu Play or Nox App Player. You checkout features of PUBG PC Lite game below. These features make it very different from PUBG game.

Features of PUBG Lite

There are many features of PUBG Lite which make it very different from PUBG and other Battle Royale Games. You can checkout PUBG Lite PC Version features below.

Same PUBG Experience and Less Specs

The PUBG Lite requires very fewer specifications as compared to PUBG but the experience of playing PUBG Lite is similar to playing normal PUBG. You can even play PUBG Lite on PC with 2GB RAM and Dual-core processor.

High-quality Graphics and HD Audio

The Graphics and Audio of PUBG Lite are similar to PUBG. There is a little bit of decline in Graphics and Audio performance but you have to adjust it because of smaller size.

Small Size and Big Performance

The PUBG Lite size is very less as compared to the size of PUBG. Despite the smaller size, The PUBG Lite offers the same playing experience as PUBG. You can also checkout FRFR AI Voice app which let us receive anonymous voice messages.

These are amazing features of PUBG Lite Game and If you like these features then share them with your friends. If you're facing any problems in downloading PUBG Lite for Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 7 or Windows 8 then contact us. We will help you play PUBG Lite on your Computer or Laptop. You can play PUBG Lite For MAC by reading this article. You can know the latest news and other articles about PUBG Lite below.

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